Roy is the best agent in the business. It was by pure luck that we found him. We just asked to see a house, that was listed on Zillow, and he was the agent that responded. The first house we viewed our son ran up and hugged Roy, the minute we stepped out of the car. That was a sign. Everything was amazing. Roy is smart, honest, friendly, efficient and treats you like family. We not only found a house we made a life long friend.

Wendi and Howard S.

Roy brings an impressive mix of professionalism and a comprehensive approach to the business. I've worked with a wide variety of realtors over the years, and Roy stood out as the best of them all. He is upfront and fair with his promises about your home's true market value and how to unlock the highest value. He brings a comprehensive approach from market assessment, home preparation, staging, professional photography, and even post-sale cleaning.

Brad and Teresa L.

Relocating halfway around the country, my wife and I had only a week's visit to learn the area, understand the market, and find a place to live. Roy accomplished it all in only four days. His intimate knowledge of the region, sense of humor, and real estate acumen make him an excellent advocate to have on your side.

Mark and Denise L.

If there's an agent that you want to work with full confidence and trust, then it is Roy. He takes home buying personally. He works on the case as if it is his own. We took a U-turn on buying a home at the last moment. Other agents would have shown their anguish.. Roy - No. He was still the same smiling figure, ready to help make the right decision. And we bought a fantastic home through him. Thank you Roy!

Gagan S.

Roy always took the time to explain anything we asked of him and his knowledge of local real estate was incredible. My wife and I knew we could always depend on him and he always available to us. He is a patient, smart, dependable, and honest person to deal with. We always felt Roy was looking out for our best interests: we never pressured or that he recommended property that we weren't interested in. Also, as a veteran, I used the VA loan program, which is much stricter than a traditional loan and Roy was well versed in how to navigate that as well.

Robert and Regina C.

Excellent all around knowledge of everything we needed to know about the process and areas of interest. We found Roy's excellent network of contacts (maintenance, landscaping etc) a huge help as well.

Sha and Aarthy E.

As first time home-buyers, the process seemed intimidating at first. Roy helped us navigate through each and every step and in doing so alleviated a lot of our concerns. He was very patient with all over questions and proved himself to be very knowledgeable and experienced. We would definitely call Roy again in the future and we would recommend him to our friends and family.

Shelby and Grant Z.

I first seen my daughter and son in law hire Roy to sell and buy their new house. I was so impressed and felt his loyalty that when I decided to look for a new home I had no question that I would ask Roy to help me. He allowed me to take my time to ensure my decision was right for me.

Kathy E.

We recently relocated from out of state and only had a few days to find a house. He contacted us early on to discuss all of our needs and wants, and began sending us homes that he believed we would be interested in. As we looked at the homes online and gave him feedback he would refine our search and truly got a feel for what we really wanted. He educated us on all of the neighborhoods, laws in the area, things to do, schools...

Eric and Melissa S.

He was always available by phone or text, and kept us updated throughout the entire buying process. He was very flexible and accommodating with us wanting to see multiple homes, even at the last minute. Due to his expansive network, he was able to keep us in the loop about new opportunities that we may have otherwise missed.

Nagareddy and Anshu K.

Contact Us

We specialize in assisting our clients purchase premier properties on Seattle’s Eastside. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you will need for the arduous home buying process - and we are here to help you every step of the way. We understand that you probably have many questions and concerns when it comes to buying Seattle eastside real estate. Perhaps you have been driving around Bellevue, Snoqualmie, and North Bend – and you just can’t decide which neighborhood is right for you. You can trust in our experience and know that our number one priority is to match your wants and needs to the perfect home.

Below, we have listed some of the most significant home buying advantages experienced by our clients. Have a concern you don’t see covered below? Send us an email or give our office a call today!                                                 

Investment and Pride of Ownership

The main advantage of buying a home is that you are making an investment and building equity. You may also be qualified for a variety of tax breaks associated with purchasing a home. Home buyers also enjoy the freedom to paint the walls red and decorate however they choose – often not allowed in a rental.

Excellent Lending Rates

There’s no time like the present to make an appointment with your lender and get started on your loan process. To calculate your maximum loan amount, your mortgage lender will consider the following items:

  • Debt-to-income ratio
  • Credit history and payment patterns
  • Other long-term loans: auto loans, student loans, consolidation loans, etc.
  • Current monthly expenses
  • Amount of available cash for down payment and closing costs

Knowing Your Wants & Needs

It’s important to spend a little time coming up with a list of your wants, needs, and must-haves when looking for your new home. Finding the perfect home is much easier to narrow down once you’ve established your wish list. We’ll do our best to match your home wish list to as many properties within your budget and desired location as possible. Here’s a list of factors we’ve seen on our clients’ wish lists:


  • Commuting Method & Distance
  • Access to Major Highways
  • Shopping Centers
  • Schools & Bus Routes
  • Parks & Activities
  • Church & Community Events
  • Proximity to Medical Treatment Centers

House & Property Style

  • New Construction vs older, established neighborhood
  • Urban vs. Suburban
  • Appealing Floor Plan
  • Adequate Storage Space
  • Yard Size, Fencing
  • Sunlight, Shade, and Windows
  • View

Mechanics & Maintenance

  • Remodeling Requirements or Desires
  • Safety Issues
  • Central Air
  • Security System
  • Gas Heat vs. Electric

Exploring the Possibilities

This is your time to explore! Plot out a few new neighborhoods and take a family drive. You might fall in love with a dozen homes before narrowing down your list to the one. This is where your wish list will come in handy, don’t stray from your wants, needs, and must-haves when it comes to choosing your future home. Take notes as you visit each neighborhood, and any houses you tour. Call us when you’re on to something, and we’ll take it from there!

Home Inspectors are on Your Side

So you’ve found your dream home! Congratulations – but wait. Home inspection is a crucial part of the home buying process, so do not sign anything until you have checked this essential step off the list. Home inspection can uncover hidden problems and safety concerns previously unknown to even the seller. An experienced home inspector will thoroughly check for structure damage, electrical concerns, plumbing, mold, insulation, pest control, and more. If any repairs are needed, we’ll provide you with our professional recommendations.

Making an Offer – And Quick!

There’s no time to hem and haw in this seller’s market! You’re looking for the perfect home – so is everyone else! Working with an experienced real estate agent on Seattle’s eastside is absolutely critical in making a competitive and timely offer on the house of your dreams. Call us today, if you are even the slightest bit considering the purchase of a new home in the near future. This will save you time and tears when you do find a home worth making an offer. Determining your offer will depend on the following items:

  • Comparative pricing in the area
  • Condition of the home
  • Length of time on the market
  • Your financial pre-qualifications and amount of earnest money you have prepared (to show good faith when making an offer)
  • Reason the current owner is selling

Financial Steps in Order

Unless you are making a cash offer or have already received loan approval, you can expect to wait up to 6 weeks or more for a recent home loan application to process. The closing date on your new home will not be assigned until your loan is approved. You’ll also need to be prepared for closing costs, which can include:

  • First payments to cover loan fees, property taxes, mortgage interest, title and home owner’s insurance, etc.
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Escrow fees
  • Permit and survey fees
  • Loan discount points

Celebration Time – It’s Closing Day!

After the paperwork is complete and all money transfers are settled between the buyer and seller, you’ll sign the mortgage contract with the bank for your new home. The seller will present to you the signed deed or title to your new home. Now it’s official, here are the keys to your new home – Cheers, you did it!


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